Jo, Insight Timer

Jo, Insight Timer 150 150 Kaity

“The illness can become the window into discovering wholeness. You are ahead of most other practitioners when it comes to seeing the perfection and wholeness of a patient. I look forward to listening again.”

Dianne, Insight Timer

Dianne, Insight Timer 150 150 Kaity

“All of us at times find ourselves facing aspects we rather not, and if our practitioners view us as whole intelligent beings, it makes the journey so much more positive.”

Tanya, Insight Timer

Tanya, Insight Timer 150 150 Kaity

“This was hands down the most insightful talk that I’ve heard. This really spoke to me. I wish that every single medical professional would and could operate under this mindset! The positive energy transfer from a medical professional is very healing and calming.”

Silvia, Insight Timer

Silvia, Insight Timer 150 150 Kaity

“This was an enlightening talk. It has made me reassess how I view myself and others. I am very grateful for your generosity of sharing this. Namaste.”

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